Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the first step?

For someone who is seeking Home Care Services the first step would be to talk to their doctor to see if he/she thinks they would benefit and qualify. The doctor must write a prescription and forward to¬†Accredited’s office.

What information do I need to give to qualify?

In order to verify that a patient’s insurance is both active and covers Home Care Services we will need a person’s full name (as it appears on the insurance card), insurance contract number or member ID, current address, and date of birth. Information, such as current medication, and medical history will be obtained during the professional evaluation.

Why should I choose private practice?

Private Home Care agencies usually carry a smaller number of patients, and allows ample attention for every patient giving them the personal care everyone desires.

What are the advantages of home care?

The advantages of Home Care is that a patient can recover in the comfort of his/her own home with our professionally licensed monitoring their condition. Each treatment is personalized, and teaches the patient and/or caregivers how to regain as much independence as possible. Providing services in a patient’s home also allows our staff to assess their environment to improve quality of life and make daily tasks easier.

What is the difference between private duty and skilled home care?

Home Care is what the medical industry calls a “Skilled Intermittent Home Care Agency,” meaning that we have skilled and licensed staff of nurses and therapists whom provide services that are normally covered under insurance plans if qualifications are met. Private Duty Home Care agencies offer hourly caregivers that come to your home to assist with meal preparation, housekeeping, bathing, and more. Their professional staff can assist medications and treatment, but insurances do not always cover these costs.

Accredited does have a sister company, Accredited Caring Hearts.  Please click the link for more information.

Is Accredited caregivers?

No, Accredited only provides intermittent skilled care to qualified recipients.

What will happen on my first appointment?

A registered nurse will come to your home and complete a thorough assessment of your medical history, medications, and home environment. The nurse will also discuss what other types of services that your doctor has ordered or what they recommend, and the amount of visits to be expected. An Accredited folder containing; community resources, an emergency plan, fall prevention information, information on durable power of attorney and advance medical directives, privacy practices, and patients’ rights will be given to patients.

How many visits will I need?

The number of visits vary from patient to patient. Each service that is ordered will come to your home and complete an evaluation. At that time the staff member will discuss how many visits he/she recommends, specific goals, and durations of care or treatment.

Is home care affordable?

Home Care expenses depend purely on the type of insurance the patient has. Medicare programs cover 100% of the costs. Patients are responsible to find out from their insurance company how much is covered by their plan each year and any co-pay.

Who pays for the treatment?

If the insurance company does not cover all Home Care services, the remaining expense will come out of the patient’s pocket. Each patient is responsible to find out from their insurance company how much is covered by their plan each year and any co-pay.

Are medical supplies covered?

Under most insurance plans, medical supplies are covered while under a Home Care Service period. These medical supplies do not include over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin or simple products.

Do I need to supply anything?

Accredited only asks that the patient be as descriptive as possible with staff when they are completing their assessment. All information we learn from our patients is completely confidential. The patient of course has the right to refuse to answer any question, however the more we know the better our services will be.

What is your private policy?

Accredited private policy is completely covered under HIPPA compliance. When the initial assessment, or evaluation, is done the patient will be provided with a notice describing our private policy and patients’ rights. This notice will tell patient or caregiver how we may use and disclose protected health and medical information for treatment, payment, and any other purposes. It also informs the patient or caregiver about patients’ rights and our duties with respect to medical information about the patient.

What insurances does Accredited accept?

Accredited accepts Auto, Commercial, Medicare Advance, and traditional Medicare. If you are unsure if we can accept your type of insurance, feel free to call the office at (586)427-6640.

How should I dress during my appointment?

The patient should wear loose fitting, and comfortable clothing.

What are the different types of treatment?

Accredited offers nursing, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy, medical social services, and home health aid services.

Who will see me?

Accredits’s staff is full of experienced licensed professionals that have undergone an extensive background screening. The first professional we will send is our registered nurse to complete an evaluation. According to what the doctor orders, we may send out other staff members to complete the patient’s treatment to meet all medical needs.

How long does it take before services begin?

Once Accredited receives an order from the doctor, we will send a nurse to the patient’s home for assessment within 48 hours. The only exception is if there is a scheduling conflict with the patient in which another date for assessment will be made. All other staff will begin 5 days or sooner of the initial start of care performed by the nurse.

What are the limitations to Accredited services?

Accredited services are limited to the amount of services and visits based on assessment, diagnosis, doctors orders, and insurance coverage. The primary objective for Accredited to gain a level of independence for patients, educate them on their disease process, medications, strengthen by the various therapies, and improve the quality of life.